my skype is in japanese bc i dont feel like changing the locale back to english when im not playin dmmd 

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i just mixed up noiz and zuko????? what???? how hwat

 cam its bed time

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god my legs hurt so bad

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Celebratory hugs.


Celebratory hugs.

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im full of hate and anime references

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i am so sorry if you have school tomorrow

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no matter how many other routes i play clear will always be #1 ilu baby 

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i found an old sai file with a lady aoba sketch and decided to colour it and idk what the hell happened from then because i drew more ladies and even if they look as hella lazy designs to me i still spent the last 3 hours on them so whatever im posting it good night/morning to all of you

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Imagine your icon reading/watching smut scenes with the current facial expression. 

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